Episode 16: The Epitome of Strength and Badassery

March 8, 2016

It's March (Method to the) Madness and that means experiencing Women's History Month like you've NEVER known before! From 19th century mavericks knocking down the fortress of patriarchy to modern women not putting up with any $h!t, we talk about it all. So strap yourselves into your bras, it's time for a wild ride! 

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Episode 15: The Emperor’s New Bulbous Oatmeal Shoes

February 2, 2016

We're back and at it again! Chatting about how NOT to judge a TV show by it's...er...cover (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), whether or not celebrity obsession has extended to ugly shoes (spoiler alert: don't read the episode title!), shaming millennial-shaming articles into retreat, and why telling people to follow our passions is just.not.helpful. Don't miss out on the 1st episode MttM of 2016. 

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Episode 14: A Very “Special” Episode

November 24, 2015
Christmas is right around the corner and that means the annual company holiday party is almost here, too. That wonderful time of year where you and your colleagues get drunk and a little too honest together. So who's responsible for this fiasco? Well, your boss, but if you're a woman you've most likely been asked at one point to help plan a company function. So what do you say? What do you do? We're not 100% sure but come talk it through with us!
We also celebrate feminist and suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton's birthday (11/12), discuss how to tell people they're being sexist a-holes without pissing anyone off, and answer listeners' questions.

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Episode 13: Hey There Little Sunshine

November 4, 2015

In Episode 13 Miró and Kath play a guessing game of, “Hipster, Homeless, or Halloween?” They review The Martian (both the book and the movie), “workshop” Kath’s addiction to The Challenge (a reality show to trump all reality shows), and talk about when it’s appropriate for one colleague to say to the other, “Hey there little sunshine.” SPOILER ALERT: Never! So here’s where the audience participation comes in:

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Episode 12: Who Isn’t in the Squad at This Point?

October 13, 2015

Dago and Nicole from Breakfast for Dinner Podcast join the #MttMPod Squad for Episode 12! We talk with them about their lives and also:

Narcos - Dago’s response to our review in Episode 11

Moby Dick


Being Millennials vs. Trend Pieces on Being Millenials


Guns for sneakers 

Machetes, mothers, and militant revolutions 


Ariana Grande, The Jenners, and the Biebs

The list goes on. So just listen already!

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Episode 11: T is for Twitter Tiff

September 28, 2015

Kath takes to fisticuffs on Twitter. Miró continues her quest for grandma-hood with Sue Grafton's alphabetic murder mystery series. Miró and Kath potentially make a lot of feminists mad by talking about when a woman's story does or doesn't need to be told. They potentially make a lot of xenophobes mad by disparaging films with bad foreign accents instead of subtitles. Will more Twitter fights ensue? 

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Episode 10: #LiveFromBoston (or She Just Likes Her Turtlenecks)

September 5, 2015

We are back from summer break with our "LIVE" show recorded in Boston a month ago! 

A truly eclectic episode where we talk with our best high school friends about everything from "No Name Taking Shaming" to crazy brides to finding your path in your 20s.

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Episode 9: 5 Summer Movies You Should Have Seen By Now

August 3, 2015
5 summer blockbusters* that you should have seen by now... all expertly critiqued, torn apart, gushed over, and overly-anticipated by Miró and Kathryn. 
*according to us

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Episode 8: Hysteria

July 1, 2015

Miró and Kathryn review the latest TV shows they've been watching and books they've been reading.
Also, how Obama and Daredevil totally fit in a sentence together. 
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Episode 7: Fighting Your Inner Dentist

June 18, 2015
On this week's episode of Method to the Madness Miró and Kathryn talk about being bad, exotic-animal-skin-lovin' yogis; how hard it is to push yourself to try new things (and like it); and a new girls' org in town, BossBabes ATX. Plus, the most shocking critique of the Game of Thrones finale yet. 
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